Child Support

Do I need an attorney?

If you are seeking to collect child support that is owed to you, you may want to seek the assistance of a private attorney. While it is true, that the Office of the Texas Attorney General has a child support division, most people experience that they lack the staff, attorneys or the resources to assist you as a private attorney could. If you do not have the resources to employ private counsel to assist you, the Attorney General's Office is available to you and will assist you the best they can.

If you have been served with papers from the Attorney General's office or by a private attorney attempting to collect back child support, you probably should consult attorney as soon as possible. Many times when courts attempt to enforce their child support orders, either through the Attorney General's office or through a private attorney, the information they are given is inaccurate or out of date. Unfortunately, without representation, it is many times almost impossible to correct these errors and with current changes in the law a small arrearage in child support can become a huge debt over time.

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